Sunday, 26 May 2019

Wagyu More Malaysia @ The Gardens Mall, KL, Malaysia.

Went to check out this place after a friend of mine raved about it. Buffet style hotpot/steamboat with 2 hours duration.

These are the types of soup and cuts of meats offered. Just order from the helpful staff. As there was only two of us, we had individual pots, I opted for the tomato broth. If bigger groups you can get the communal pot.

The tomato broth on its own was quite tame, could use a bit more oomph. But after boiling it with some stuff not bad at all.

I was very happy with the variety of stuff offered, you can get almost everything, vege, dumplings, tofu to sushi, teh tarik, ice cream, pasta. I reckon for the price you pay it is quite an awesome value.
Decent place with good food.

Wagyu More Malaysia,
The Gardens Mall,
KL, Malaysia.

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